Hi, I am Peter … data scientist, programmer, Excel sheet pusher, data tinkerer, …


Me on Video

  • Going Big And Fast - {Kafkaesque} for Kafka Access @UseR!2021: YouTube Link
  • Me moderating: “A trading research system in R (speaker: Daniel Brandt, HamburgRUserMeetup)” YouTubeLink
  • Using R for Web Scraping at Scale @ uRos2020: Youtube link
  • Introducing {crossword} at RUsersHamburg meetup: Youtube link
    • since my little sister got married and
    • we did the traditional wedding newspaper with a crossword and
    • the tooling out there was not that great …
    • I had to build my own package - of cause.

Me on Audio

  • Expertengeflüster @virtual7: Folge 2 - Rrrrrrr - Richtig gut! Deezer, PocketCast
  • Expertengeflüster @virtual7: Folge 5 - Was ist eigentlich Statistik? Deezer, PocketCast

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