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How to Run Linux Commands From Outside the Bash Shell on Windows 10

Windows 10 includes an underlying “Windows Subsystem for Linux” to run Linux applications, but it’s only accessible via the Bash shell. However, there is a way to run Linux applications without first launching a Bash window.



bash -c "ls -lah"

Solve Sudokus with R and PicoSAT


Recently I wrote a small package to use the PicoSAT solver in R. PicoSAT is a C program written by Armin Biere that can solve the so called SAT problem. Given a boolean formula, such as A OR B AND NOT C, can we set A, B and C to TRUE or FALSE such that the formula evaluates to TRUE?

It turns out many problems (such as a Sudoku) can be formulated as a SAT problem.

Bindings for PicoSAT exist for various languages but not for R. Also, it seems there is currently no package for solving SAT problems on CRAN.

Setting up Shiny Server


Plants with R



Rstudio Server Administration






The Coding Train - Fun and Art with Coding


The Net Ninja - Youtube Channel


Famous Gang of Four Design Patterns explained with Javascript

For all who find JS much more readable than C++/Java-likes - e.g. me.


Disabling Linux Mint Shortcuts

(Because they interfere with other shortcuts e.g. from Rstudio)


Introduction to UNIX - “The Unix Workbench”


Git Server


Apache mod_rewrite






Add git branch name to bash prompt


This crazy little thing called scales (D3js scales)

by Jerome Cukier


Shiny: Errors and Validation


Developing HTMLwidgets


Inline graphics


R/Travis multiple OS testing


Turtle graphics with R

  • by Thorsten Pohlert :

What Every Programmer Absolutely, Positively Needs To Know About Encodings And Character Sets To Work With Text

by David C. Zentgraf :

SparkR (social science)

R: Running something within global environment but with options, working directory, …

Adding Rcpp to your roxygen2-ized R package and making it work

Working with Rcpp StringVector

OpenStreetMap boundaries export - Hurray!


Five ways to handle Big Data in R

by eoda/Oliver Bracht

R powered web applications with Shiny (a tutorial and cheat sheet with 40 example apps)

by Zev Ross


The R - HTMLwidgets framework


Unicode character inspector


by Tim Whitlock @timwhitlock

R prepared SQL statements / parametrized SQL / R SQL bulk insertion

R and MS-SQL

Jen Underwood

Integrating R with Web Applications

Jen Underwood

Node.js / Electron / The how and what of JavaScript desktop applications

Kristian Poslek

How long to complete analytics academy course

Python for data science learning plan

SSH into Github wont work “Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.”

Generating SSH keys

On dates and times in R (Naom ‘The Helpful’ Ross)—presentation-code.html

Data Science Notes (Dmitriy ‘Parallel’ Selivanov on R and text)

Git(hub) cheat sheet

recursive ftp download with R

Markov Chains – Explained Visually (Victor Powell)


HowTo xmodmap: List of XF86… key names:


R projects concerned with political / government data.

(notable) CRAN task views

Awesome list of awesome R stuff

Nginx logging

IP address ranges / CIDR

Likable Jekyll - Themes - That I like

Mark Otto (mdo) :

Gerald Bauer (geraldb) :

Pinocchio (smallmuou) :

Motaquillah Maddane (kronik3r):

Steve Smith (orderedlist):

Wilson et al. (2014): Best Practices for Scientific Computing. PLoS Biol 12(1): e1001745.

Scientists spend an increasing amount of time building and using software. However, most scientists are never taught how to do this efficiently. As a result, many are unaware of tools and practices that would allow them to write more reliable and maintainable code with less effort. We describe a set of best practices for scientific software development that have solid foundations in research and experience, and that improve scientists’ productivity and the reliability of their software. […]PDF DOI

Danilo Freire (2015-12-08) Peering at Open Peer Review. The Political Methodologist

Peer review is an essential part of the modern scientific process. Sending manuscripts for others to scrutinize is such a widespread practice in academia that its importance cannot be overstated. Since the late eighteenth century, when the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society pioneered editorial review,1 virtually every scholarly outlet has adopted some sort of pre-publication assessment of received works. Although the specifics may vary, the procedure has remained largely the same since its inception: submit, receive anonymous criticism, revise, restart the process if required. A recent survey of APSA members indicates that political scientists overwhelmingly believe in the value of peer review (95%) and the vast majority of them (80%) think peer review is a useful tool to keep themselves up to date with cutting-edge research (Djupe 2015, 349). But do these figures suggest that journal editors can rest upon their laurels and leave the system as it is? […]LINK

Checking for non-ASCII characters in R


No Energy Saving for WLAN on Pi

R’s source code on Github (search-able)

Searching through the source code of ALL packages on CRAN

Getting R’s Source Code

rmarkdown: Alter Action Depending on Document

Listen Wikipedia by Hatnote

Changes to Wikipedia as sound - tune in and chill out …

Administrative Boundaries Datasets (shape, R, EXRI, kmz, … )

Global Administrative Areas - Boundaries without limits

Linux pandoc for images / convert jpg to pdf


sudo apt-get imagemagick

jpg to small grey scale pdf

convert -density 300x300 -quality 2 -compress jpeg -colorspace Gray -colors 64 input1.jpg input2.jpg output.pdf

saving RasPi image

AutoHotKey for Linux

  • autokey source:

  • scripting API:

  • example scripts:


sudo apt-get autokey-qt

“push marked text from Gedit to terminal”-autokey-script:

# autokey/python script for pushing text from Gedit to terminal

# get class and title of current window, save clipboard
var1    = window.get_active_class()
title1  = window.get_active_title()
oldtext = clipboard.get_clipboard()
text =""

# only execute script from Gedit
if var1 == "gedit.Gedit" : 
    var2    = window.get_active_title()
    text    = clipboard.get_selection()
    # paste to terminal
    if var2 == "Terminal" : 

    # go back to Gedit

# restore clipboard

Adding CRAN mirror to repository list on Linux Ubuntu / Mint

A collection of text files on politics

A CC licensed book on string manipulations in R - Gaston Sanchez

No Github passwords any more!

#!/usr/bin/Rscript not working

adding mime type to Linux / *buntu and changing icon

pushing to Github without username / password input

dinosaur data and pictures